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So many challenges and obstacles come with navigating life.  This could be changing relationships, changing jobs, life transitions, worries and sadness about the world and your role in it.  These things can grow into anxiety, depression, physical health issues, and other mental health concerns which make it difficult to participate in your life, to know what to do next, and how to create balance.


Counseling Solutions was founded on the desire to help you get unstuck, find your next steps, or missing pieces that have brought you on your search for support in your adventures.  Just as everyone is a unique individual with unique perspective of the world, counseling approaches are also unique to the individual seeking counseling.  

A favorite quote is "Is it going to be easy, nope.  Worth it, absolutely!"  Growth is usually not easy and not fun, but I hope by building a safe and collaborative environment, the struggles and issues you bring to counseling may be addressed, goals may be created and strived for, and a new perspective of the situations, feelings, and thoughts we have as humans can be balanced and realized.  

About Me

I decided as a young person that I wanted to help people.  I wanted to be a support they may not have otherwise or a person who would not judge them for their actions, thinking, or feelings.  I completed my Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2006 and my Master's of Arts in Professional Counseling from McKendree University in 2008. 


I worked with several companies address substance use and criminal behaviors since 2008.  I earned my Licensed Professional Counselor license in 2011 in Missouri and moved to Colorado in 2012.  Since 2012, I have worked in several other positions including residential and outpatient care.  I started Counseling Solutions LLC in 2015, but have fully been in private practice since 2017.  I love the work I do and the people I get to meet and work with along the way.

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