Please click the "Request Appointment" button below to see available appointments and to schedule an appointment.  After requesting an appointment, you will receive a confirmation or denial of the appointment time selected.  If the appointment time is denied, you may select a different appointment time.

You will also receive an email inviting you to the Client Portal and to intake documents to fill out prior to your appointment.  


If you are an existing client, you may access the home page of the Client portal by clicking the button below and it will prompt you to give your email.  Once you provide your email, you will receive a unique secure link to login into the client portal.  This link will be unique each time you login for security measures.

The client portal helps you to be able to send HIPAA compliant secure messages to me, see billing documentation, and to manage your appointments by canceling and rescheduling existing appointments or scheduling if you are a former client returning.