Frequently Asked Questions

What is counseling?

Counseling is an opportunity to discuss any struggles or concerns with an objective person in a confidential and safe environment. Counseling is a collaborative relationship between a counselor and client working together towards reducing symptoms and a common goal or solution to situations. Counseling may be beneficial for short term problems or life long struggles.

How do I know counseling is for me?

Counseling is a personal choice and asking for help is not always easy for many of us. Counseling is often associated with people who have serious mental illness or people who are "crazy". This is a misconception as many people seek counseling for daily struggles including wanting to manage stress better, relationship issues, or coping with difficult feelings. I believe that anyone can benefit from counseling in their own way. If you still have questions or wonder how counseling can help you, do not hesitate to contact me.

Is what I say in counseling kept confidential?

Counseling Solutions, LLC follows and abides by the ethical standards set forth by the American Counseling Association. Information shared in your counseling sessions will be kept confidential unless written consent is given to share specific information with specific individuals or entities. There are exceptions to confidentiality which includes if you are a danger to yourself, you are a danger to others, and report of abuse of children, disabled individuals, and elders.

Are medication services provided through Counseling Solutions, LLC?

Medication services are not provided through Counseling Solutions, LLC. If medication is warranted and/or of interest, this can be discussed in therapy and a referral can be made to a provider who can prescribe and monitor use of medication.

What insurances do you accept and how does insurance effect my confidentiality?

Currently, I accept Cigna, United Heatlhcare, Anthem, ComPsych, Magellan, and Mines & Associates insurance. Other insurances may be accepted in the future. Insurance impacts your confidentiality as many insurance companies require a diagnosis, report of date and time of service, and potentially report of your treatment plan and progress. This effects your confidentiality in that this information will be released in order to recieve payment for your sessions through your insurance company. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions regarding payment using insurance or how confidentiality is effected.

How often will I meet with my therapist?

How often you meet with your therapist will be determined between you and the therapist based upon your individual needs. This will be discussed during your initial counseling session.